SSC Exam Result 2013 in Bangladesh

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What to Do After Having SSC Result 2013?

Advanced congratulations to all the SSC Candidates of 2013 who are eagerly waiting for SSC Result 2013, which will be published tomorrow’s noon!

Hope, you guys will do great result and start thinking about your career from then. Students; who will do bad results anyhow; they will have to think their career differently too.

Let’s go through some idea about what to do after having a good results on hand and similarly the bad news who are unfortunate. This post is going to give some clear stuffs to think about and that will definitely adds some value in your whole life.

So, what are these? Just scroll through –

Learn English: As you are a SSC Candidates and looking forward for SSC Result in 2013, learning English is the first thing that you should think when you will have 3 long month of free times. No matter which the university you want to get yourself admitted, no matter what is the sectors you will be focused to for building career, and no matter what kind of jobs/business you are interested in for future career; its always has a need for English. So, Learning English after SSC Result will surely take you ahead from others students around you. You can learn Spoken English, Written English and Conversational English. Just go to any Coaching Centers or any Institutes who can teach you English properly. British Council, FM Method and S@ifurs’ can you be a great option to choose from.

Learn Computing: If you can learn it; you will always be able to keep yourself in advanced side of any other career you are thinking about. From health, sports, banks, schools, colleges, engineering to stock exchanges, IT, journalism, apparel and everywhere you will find it’s need. So, you can use the Free time after SSC Result 2013 in learning computers perfectly. This will not only make you advanced but also explores the new arena for your future career.

Adopt New Technologies: Adopting new Technologies like learning Programming, learning about new Operating Systems like Mac or Linus or Unix, learning Graphic Design or Video Editing, Learning Blogging or Internet Marketing, learning Web Development or Design is fun.

As you are SSC Result of 2013 Seeker and this SSC Result is the starting of your career; your knowledge on new technologies will flourish your career and allows you to diversify yourself in many kinds of workspace that are smart and trendy enough.

Lots of people try to learn these technologies when they need it; but as you are in your early stage  (just passed from SSC Examination with Good Result) of learning technologies; you can adopt it quickly than an older.

Learn Swimming: Swimming is Fun and a life saving mantra too. As you are just from your schools having a good SSC Result in 2013, you are in perfect time to learn it. There are lots of learning centers located in Dhaka, from where you can learn it practically.

Go for a Tour: This could be one of the best and interesting idea to have a long tour with friends or with your parents. Going to a Tour after the hectic study for SSC Examinations and then getting a Good SSC Result in hand will add extra pleasure on it. Go to any places where you never have been and enjoy each of your days fully.

These all the stuffs you can do. Just use each of your days, as it requires. Use your free time after having the SSC Result 2013 as if it will never come again and for sure, you are not going to get such huge free in your educational-lifespan anymore. Best luck to every bodies.